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For this Halloween, the Hacksmith wanted to combine the three things he loves most in this world. Fire. Motorcycles... and the one and only NIC CAGE.

So, he decided he wanted to become Ghost Rider, so the team set together to make a "safe" flaming helmet to wear. Using propane with an auto-kill switch, it's... not as dangerous as it could be! The question is... Can he ride his motorcycle while wearing it?

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0:00 Teaser
0:22 Three things I love
0:50 Head Burning Tests!
3:12 Making a Crown
4:39 Sponsor
5:43 Flaming Chains
8:11 First tests
9:10 Becoming Ghost Rider
10:12 No mercy!
10:36 Ride into the night
11:15 Spooky
11:58 Outro

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