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0:00 Intro
1:30 Our New Podcast!
2:38 How Do We Do What We Do?
3:44 How Much Money Do We Make?
6:03 How We Want To Expand The Business
7:05 Who Does What At Hacksmith
8:36 How Do We Make Videos?
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13:55 Outro

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  1. Hacksmith Industries

    Hacksmith Industries3 kuukautta sitten

    Listen to our first podcast at ! Plus listen live TOMORROW at 4PM EST (February 19, 4PM EST) to learn about the future of Hacksmith Industries!


    The real POOPOOBAGGINS10 päivää sitten

    What the actual Frick I come back after some time and your making mech suits not Wolverine claws lmao

  3. Forbidden Ally

    Forbidden Ally2 kuukautta sitten

    Im interested in joining hacksmith industries, as i am looking at an engineering career.

  4. Monica Margolis

    Monica Margolis2 kuukautta sitten

    Think you could make a plasma blade dark saber?

  5. Zumbizin

    Zumbizin2 kuukautta sitten

    How come?

  6. Nghia_ Lun

    Nghia_ Lun3 kuukautta sitten

    My dream is make a reactor paterry

  7. OPtimal

    OPtimal9 tuntia sitten

    In short, you're a capitalist. And you want to make Hacksmith a conglomerate. When you're trying to model a real-life buisness after one that's completely fictional and impossible in real life, it's clear you're more of a capitalist asshole. "Tony Stark" is a cool idea, but it's impossible in real life. A capitalist, but also helps society? That just isn't possible.

  8. OPtimal

    OPtimal4 tuntia sitten

    @Hacksmith Industries Hi. I made this comment on 4 AM on the last day of school, while being tired, so I hugely misinterpreted the contents of the video. I apologize. One thing I will say, you look more like Thor than Tony Stark 😂

  9. Hacksmith Industries

    Hacksmith Industries7 tuntia sitten

    And you're incredibly rude. This channel has inspired thousands to pursue higher education, but no, I'm a capitalist.

  10. Nor Asni

    Nor AsniPäivä sitten

    make it real hahahahahaha

  11. Jameson plays

    Jameson plays3 päivää sitten

    I’m guessing the unfinished thing is the iron man thing.

  12. Lomshapow Lomshapow

    Lomshapow Lomshapow3 päivää sitten

    11:30 : dudes isn't having an actually magnetic Captain America shield in your office the most badass thing you could ever have ? XD

  13. Santhosh Kumar

    Santhosh Kumar7 päivää sitten

    Where is ur becoming iron man .fly like iron man?

  14. Hacksmith Industries

    Hacksmith Industries7 päivää sitten

    That series ended years ago

  15. Roman Salazar

    Roman Salazar8 päivää sitten

    Where do you buy the hacksmith weapons?

  16. Baby house

    Baby house9 päivää sitten

    I really want him to be the real iron by 2030 that would be cool I think he could do it like he got the helmet two gauntlets

  17. Mustafa Khan

    Mustafa Khan9 päivää sitten

    Bruh you really look like steve rogers😅

  18. Sawzall123

    Sawzall12312 päivää sitten

    What! Assuming everyone only has 1 account and has only watched 1 video 1/8 of the people in the world has watched his channel

  19. Alex

    Alex12 päivää sitten

    How did we get here? Guess it was the weather.

  20. Clayton Jackson

    Clayton Jackson12 päivää sitten

    Hey Mr. James, how do you feel about Dead Rising weapons? I personally like the Sledge-Saw. Also, THOSE ADVERTISERS BETTER BE PAYING YOU GUYS WELL! I think my eyes are decently valuable. Though for you guys, I don't mind providing my eyes for free. BUT ADVERTISERS MUST PAY!

  21. Rileyplaze09

    Rileyplaze0913 päivää sitten

    hacksmith in 2069 i have built a laser nuke that can double as a death star

  22. The_Bowman

    The_Bowman13 päivää sitten

    At 0:55 it looks like they spoiled the mando helmet, that's funny

  23. chunkycheese

    chunkycheese14 päivää sitten

    congrats on 12 million

  24. Poseidon afro_circus

    Poseidon afro_circus15 päivää sitten

    can you make a futuristic covid mask

  25. Chathudun Dahanyake Yapa

    Chathudun Dahanyake Yapa16 päivää sitten

    Hey Hacksmith, could you please make the sword excalibur from the the movie King Arthur.

  26. Thomas Lord

    Thomas Lord17 päivää sitten

    I continue to be extremely impressed by this channel

  27. Go Random Dude

    Go Random Dude17 päivää sitten

    If you become real life iron man, I'll become spiderman

  28. Ozymandias

    Ozymandias17 päivää sitten


  29. Eu C

    Eu C20 päivää sitten

    Can you make Hawkeye's bow?

  30. Dorian Slayer1124

    Dorian Slayer112421 päivä sitten

    Imagine if Michael Reeves joined hacksmith industries

  31. Hangskaie

    Hangskaie21 päivä sitten

    You should test one of the eco things with the hammer.


    SARHAN_KHAN23 päivää sitten

    Which degree you have choosen

  33. Abhinav. R

    Abhinav. R24 päivää sitten

    You're cool man, we all support you man, don't worry 👍👍

  34. Granie Factoran

    Granie Factoran24 päivää sitten


  35. Ram Prasad AP

    Ram Prasad AP25 päivää sitten

    May be your grandson will become the real Tony stark , advance congrats for that

  36. Morn Snak

    Morn Snak26 päivää sitten

    11:59 what i heard: our slave And i love who James stand in the corner with a saw

  37. necmi iyik

    necmi iyik26 päivää sitten

    your videos are beautiful, brother

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    Dace Pettit2228 päivää sitten

    13:50 onlyfans lol

  39. Angel Yanez

    Angel Yanez28 päivää sitten

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    I used to watch yore videos like the Wolverine claws from 7 years ago

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  42. Arun Sharma

    Arun SharmaUukausi sitten

    hey man do you actually do it for the money or for the sake of peoples entertainment?

  43. ITendToOverThinkThis

    ITendToOverThinkThisUukausi sitten

    6:08....... 😳 uh S.H.I.E.L.D??!!

  44. ITendToOverThinkThis

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  45. 김수진

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  46. [ insert name here ]

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    I like how I can barely saw a block of wood while you are making technology fit for war

  47. Bily Plays

    Bily PlaysUukausi sitten

    By how much they have been growing, they will have 50 people by 2030

  48. Hacksmith Industries

    Hacksmith IndustriesUukausi sitten

    Nah, 2022

  49. cheezenutzz

    cheezenutzzUukausi sitten

    If he had billions of dollars he could make a full iron man working suit in a very short time

  50. Lifelong Legend Gaming

    Lifelong Legend GamingUukausi sitten

    You guys should design your own suits as if you/your team were Superheroes. I would love to see the process on suit design as well as whatever powers/gadgets you guys give yourselves. I have similar thoughts in mind but I’m too young to make it happen. I just really like superheroes engineering and chemistry. But I don’t feel smart enough

  51. Laurenz V W

    Laurenz V WUukausi sitten

    I had to play it at 0.25 speed but knew it - at 13:50 we have it: Hacksmith Onlyfans LOL

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  59. Delta ID

    Delta IDUukausi sitten

    i am very very proud of hacksmith, first time i watch hacksmith is the batman grappling gun and i watched it on my brother account and i pressed *subscribe* I DID NOT REGRET IT

  60. Matvei Peciulis

    Matvei PeciulisUukausi sitten


  61. Matvei Peciulis

    Matvei PeciulisUukausi sitten

    I have an idea what to make next! The ultimate food/drink dispencer!

  62. Moshii Chan

    Moshii ChanUukausi sitten

    His name should literally be tony stark

  63. King Creator

    King CreatorUukausi sitten

    He said this was just the beginning then I skipped to the end of the video

  64. RGB Keyboard

    RGB KeyboardUukausi sitten

    The Truth About Tame Impala's Engineering Band

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  67. Roach

    RoachUukausi sitten

    At 11:54 it almost looks like James is about to lose it and start chasing his employees with that grinder.

  68. Adarsh thakur Kumar

    Adarsh thakur KumarUukausi sitten

    so most of our revenue comes from top secret military project 😁😁😁😂😂😂 really he stops at that point really funny

  69. Andre DV

    Andre DVUukausi sitten

    Is it ok to visit the store in Hacksmith industries during a pandemic? I would really want a photograph with James

  70. BusyGuy

    BusyGuyUukausi sitten

    These guys should be the head scientists and engineers of the world woth others to work on a better future instead of the current ones that havent even come close to stuff hacksmoth builds

  71. Christian Lecroy

    Christian LecroyUukausi sitten

    My prediction for this company is that once he makes the perfect lightsaber he'll move on to making an army of iron man soldiers

  72. Oooga booogggaa

    Oooga booogggaaUukausi sitten

    12:40 I was expecting him to say that they are selling like a bunch of cool gadgets or something.

  73. MrTester

    MrTesterUukausi sitten

    7:35 Bodgan is a robot

  74. Michael Wharton

    Michael WhartonUukausi sitten

    When is your IPO and if you don't plan to float publicly how can I buy shares in your company privately?

  75. Hacksmith Industries

    Hacksmith IndustriesUukausi sitten

    Not sure we're ever going to, would restrict what we can do significantly =(

  76. The genius Ujan

    The genius UjanUukausi sitten

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    Mahmoud ALshaar2 kuukautta sitten

    can i join you guys as enginer might say am i real enginer ?? unfourtnaly i cooldnt be one but iam great at craftsman and worked on cnc machine , iam curntly stuying business and improving my programing skills .... especially on python and AI

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    Brahmaiah Katragadda2 kuukautta sitten

    Hello I am Kalyan 8 standard. I have many ideas and like to implement them. So can you say me how can I make money like you.I didn't understand that in this video 📷. That may help me in future. I like to start a channel named HACKALYAN INDUSTRIES inspired by hacksmith industries, stark industries,jlaser video , and all the tech channels. Thanks for your concern

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