Mandalorian BLASTER & SPEAR (HACKLORIAN: Chapter 2)

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In our HACKLORIAN series, we'll be making all of Mando's gadgets, armor, and weapons! Make sure to become a FItitle member to see the videos before anyone else! Next up... his helmet! And then... Grogu's Floating Cradle!


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0:00 Intro
1:40 Han Solo Blaster
2:11 This is Caleb
2:36 Blaster Design
2:55 Blaster Build
5:43 Happy Anniversary!
6:55 Spear Design
7:27 Spear Build
9:32 Testing!
10:32 Next Time on The Hacklorian!

Big thank you to Samuel Kim Music for the epic music!

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Steadicam - Removu K1 ►
Main mic - Sennheiser ►
Bendy Tripod ►
Main Tripods - old second hand Manfrotto tripods no longer sold.
Studio Light - Luxli ►

CNC Mill - Tormach 1100MX ►
CNC Mill - Tormach PCNC 440 ►
CNC Lathe - Tormach 15L ►
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CNC Waterjet Cutter ►
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    Geeky McGeekster3 päivää sitten

    I swear the title card just makes me see this as a lego set "Part 2: Blaster & Spear" I mean, come on, right?

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  31. Monika Bielecki

    Monika Bielecki24 päivää sitten

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    Amiel 34724 päivää sitten

    I was really hoping they would do a plasma cannon type thing for the blaster but this is still really creative and practical and it looks really good

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    Yeah, flares are the perfect analog for blaster fire =)

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  39. Ayulin

    Ayulin26 päivää sitten

    Did you think about chrome-plating the spearhead? It would look really good and it should be easy for you to do as it doesn't really require any special equipment, just a useable chrome compound.

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  44. Ayulin

    Ayulin26 päivää sitten

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  45. Social Separation

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