JET ENGINE Powered Snowboard! (ONE DAY BUILD)

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0:00 Intro
0:50 Cross Country Snowboarding
1:12 Where’s My Jets?
1:59 Let's Make It Real! (Build)
3:23 Keep Your Data Secure!
4:27 Bench Test!
4:58 Testing Begins
6:45 Project Debrief
8:04 Final Test
9:19 Outro

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  7. Slashser

    Slashser6 päivää sitten

    This is awesome! The only thing that pains me is that you didn't theme it after Jim Hawkins's solar board

  8. Spill the Coffee

    Spill the Coffee6 päivää sitten

    It's like the snowboard for COD

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  12. Seth Swisher

    Seth SwisherUukausi sitten

    Hey if one moves him that fast 3-5 turbines would maintain flight y'all should try building your own for a single turbine its just a series of pressurized fans treasure planet board in the making but you'd have to put a handle on the front just barely sticking up to lower your center of gravity and become more aerodynamic this would also prevent the spin out and you should separate the fuel tank like most diesel vehicles to the side giving yo more room to crouch and stability in air

  13. Aniruddh Kamath

    Aniruddh KamathUukausi sitten

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    XXESPIDA XX2 kuukautta sitten

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    You could use the second one and fix it in the middle a bit apart so it clears your legs and a bit up cuz to clear the ground when you lean to turn that might fix it. Idk I’m a 16 year old so might not work (Something like this from the front) 0-\_/-0

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