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0:00 Teaser
0:16 Intro \u0026 Recap
1:56 Wrapping the Board \u0026 Assembly
2:50 Installing New Speed Controllers
3:16 How Will We Power The Board?
4:14 Hovering Test
4:52 How To Get Started With Engineering!
5:55 Jimmy Has A Solution!
6:50 Making Sure Things Don't Go Boom.
8:16 4th Hover Test - Will It Succeed?
9:51 Cooking Eggs On A Super Hot Motor
10:20 The Finished Board \u0026 Installing The Floor
10:40 The Final Test
12:56 Outro

After Dark by PYLOT
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Time Spender by F.O.O.L
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Curious Cat by Cinema Life
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Horse Power by F.O.O.L \u0026 Tokyo Rose
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  1. KzukiOdenTheChad

    KzukiOdenTheChad23 tuntia sitten

    You know what else I’d bet would help the Floatation of this? Think Air Hockey and how the Pucks and Hand Protector Hitting Devices Float, now implement that tech into the ground beneath the Hoverboard and give the Hoverboard more of a Rectangular Frisbee like Design to hold the air, which might even cool down those engines so they don’t overheat

  2. KzukiOdenTheChad

    KzukiOdenTheChad23 tuntia sitten

    So basically when the Tech Wiz’s finally get this on the Market, and convince every DOT to implement Metal in ta all Paved Streets we’re are all gonna have to Wear Heat Proof Suits that protect us from that Cindering Aluminum Plate of a Frying Pan

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    Chris MetzingerPäivä sitten

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    Dreamcatcher Design Tshirts Hoodies Leggins Pillows10 päivää sitten

    You can make it better by spinning Ferium and Mercury in superfluid cold conditions up to and higher than 20.000 rotations per second electromagneticall and radiators to dissipate heat from the plate itself. Ps. I assume you will steer it with gyro micro movements and speed with some pilot?

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  59. Randy Jasinski

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  67. Oregano

    Oregano13 päivää sitten

    If you're reading this in the future, comment below to let us know how the Hacksmith Hovercar test went

  68. Umair Qureshi

    Umair Qureshi13 päivää sitten

    this channel just makes me question how stupid i am a student in the same program as me can achieve this🥲

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    Who am i14 päivää sitten

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    TRISTIN MANNOR14 päivää sitten

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    thetempleunfinished15 päivää sitten

    Now, if you can figure out a way to utilize the earth's natural geomagnetic field emitted through the ground instead of using the metal plates/mats; that would really be a leap in technology. If you could determine a way to measure the earth's natural geomagnetic resonance mathematically, then I would suspect you could dial in the motors and ESC's to the earth's polarity, and viola! Well....maybe not that easy as it sounds. That however could take a considerable number of motors and batteries. BRAVO nonetheless on this accomplishment!! You may be closer to that reality than you imagine. Keep up the research and development on this. You may just end up building the world's first gravity-defying "land speeder" equipped with jet turbines, ailerons, directional and reverse thrust. Think of the possibilities!!!

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    This is lame, that dude from Canada built his prototype in 2015, and it can fly over water and land, not just a metal plate. How much money you spend? That dude made his control switch out of a pair of pliers.

  89. Hacksmith Industries

    Hacksmith Industries18 päivää sitten

    yeah. that was the point.

  90. Kimberly Weiss

    Kimberly Weiss18 päivää sitten

    @Hacksmith Industries Completely different, as in it works? I get it is a drone with spinning blades, and yours is magnetic, but you got people commenting on here as if you guys have made some breakthrough when that is not the case. You spent a fortune to make an inaccurate replica of the hover board from BTTF2 which moves about as well as those vibrating bug toys my kid plays with only your buzzing platform of death is highly flammable.

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    Hacksmith Industries18 päivää sitten

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