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0:00 James Talks Hoverboards
2:07 Jimmy Talks Magnets
3:26 Eddy Currents Coming Into Play
4:15 How To Maximize Magnet Strength
5:00 James Is In A Game!!!
5:59 Jimmy Designs and Builds The Wheel
7:09 Testing The Prototype
8:05 Designing The Board
8:49 Make It Real!
10:40 Balancing The Wheels
11:14 In The Next Episode!
11:33 Explosion
12:00 Outro

After Dark by PYLOT
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So Fine by Maksym Murashko
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Odin’s Ghost by Stephen Walking
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    Play Monster Legends for free today ► monsterlegends.onelink.me/X4Sc/TheHacksmith -- the first game to feature a Hacksmith Monster!

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